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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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Alumni Highlight

Rasheda Foster

Rasheda recently graduated from Howard University in 2012.  Rasheda has been working with DC-CAP since prior to graduating from Cardozo Senior High School in 2007.

Melvin Glymph

Melvin has been working with DC-CAP since graduating from School Without Walls High School in 2007.  He recently graduated from the University of Delaware in 2012.

Tiffany Metts

Tiffany graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University in 2012, where she served as a college representative for the DC-CAP program.  Prior to enrolling at NC A&T, she was a 2008 Wilson Senior High School graduate.

Alumni Highlight

Bianca Kersellius

Bianca is a first-year student at Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg.  She graduated from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in June 2012. 

Robert Dames

Robert is a current high school student at Cesar Chavez School Public Charter School for Public Policy, Capitol Hill Campus.  He will graduate in June 2013. 

Ra'Sheer Cannon

Ra'Sheer, a 2007 Dunbar Senior High School graduate, received her college degree from Trinity Washington University in 2012.

Andi Zyka

In October 1999, my family and I
immigrated from Albania to the United States in hopes that my sisters and I
could have a better future. My parents didn’t have much money and sold their
home and all of their possessions for all of us to come to the states. Through
many obstacles and tough times ; my parents having 2 jobs each, both my older
sisters and I were able to attend and graduate college. One of the large
reasons that made this all possible was DC-CAP and the generous scholarships
that they provided to DCPS and DC Public Charter High School graduates. Along
with the other scholarships DC CAP was always able to bridge the gap so that
financially my parents had just enough money to help out with the remaining
tuition invoices. DC-CAP didn’t just stop there for me though. DC CAP ever so
graciously opened up their “On Campus Representative” position to me where not
only did it provide campus peer leadership skills, resume boosting experience
but it came with a little bit of monetary assistance on a semester basis. I
lived on campus for all 4 years at Mason, and doing so away from your parents
has its own expenses but once again DC CAP was there for me. DC-CAP and its
scholarships truly provided my parents and I financial liberation. I was able
to attend college debt free meanwhile earning some pocket money while in
college so I wouldn’t burden my parents financially.

Where I am now – I am currently a Project Controller Consultant at
Deloitte Consulting in their Federal Segment where I handle project finances
for our Health Care contracts. I am proud to be a DCPS and DC-CAP alumnus, I am
proud to be a Mason Patriot and I am continuously striving to make my parents
proud and happy of their hard choice to immigrate to a foreign country.
Thankfully I had DC-CAP along the way that made so much of this possible which
is a large reason why I try to always help out and give back to the best of my

High School – Andi attended Benjamin Banneker Academic High School and
graduated in 2008.

College – Andi went to George Mason University and graduated in 2012
with a Business Management Degree in a Minor in Economics. 




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